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Department of Mineral Fertilizers
Department of Composite Materials
Laboratory of petroleum and organo-mineral dispersions
Laboratory of polymer-containing disperse systems
Laboratory of magnesium salts
Department of Special materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Protective Materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Department of Colloidal Chemistry of Lyophobic Systems
Laboratory of pigmented and binding material
Laboratory of chemistry of coating materials
Laboratory of Adsorbens and Adsorbtive processes
Laboratory of physicochemical research



Contact person

Elena V. Shinkaryova,  

+375 (17) 284-27- 34


The impregnation is intended for the protection of wooden constructions from bio-damages (decay, mold, blue, beetles), giving them desired shade, increasing their service life.

Main parameters:
atmospheric stability of impregnated products – no less than 50 cycles, term of exploitation – no less than 5 years.


 MANUFACTURER: "Beluniversalproduct"

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