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Department of Mineral Fertilizers
Department of Composite Materials
Laboratory of petroleum and organo-mineral dispersions
Laboratory of polymer-containing disperse systems
Laboratory of magnesium salts
Department of Special materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Protective Materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Department of Colloidal Chemistry of Lyophobic Systems
Laboratory of pigmented and binding material
Laboratory of chemistry of coating materials
Laboratory of Adsorbens and Adsorbtive processes
Laboratory of physicochemical research



In a period from 2000-2015 the employees of the Institute developed and implemented:

For  JSC "Belaruskali"

  • Methods of small crystal and granulated potassium chloride  conditioning (2003).
  • Composition of dust suppressor, reagent for additional treatment of fine agglomerated potassium chloride before storage, hydrophobic agent and dust suppressor of granulated potassium chloride on the basis of high boiling petroleum products (2003-2007)
  • Complex potassium fertilizer “Kalimix” with addition of microelements (2009).
  • Composition of domestic reagents for improvement of sludge flotation on JSC “Belaruskali” (2006).
  • Technology of granulating of potassium fertilizers by rolling method using binding agents (2010).
  • Technology of processing of clay-salt sludge to obtain the product that is suitable for further transportation (2010-2016).
  • New reagent regimes of flotation/ enrichment of potassium ore on SOF 1 RU (2011).




       1.Rounded  KCl.                              
       2. Rounded  NPK.
       3. Complex fertilizer  NPK,    obtained by vapor granulation method.
       4. Rounded  K2SO4. 
       5. Ennobled granulated  KCl    . 
       6. Dust-free fine  KCl.





For road-construction industry

  • Bitumen-latex emulsions for road construction technology of manufacturing storable emulsion-mineral.
  • Additives for deceleration of mobility loss and “acceleration of strength set of plasticized concrete  ZPP-1 and ZPP-2
  • Concentrate of pore-former for the production of cellular concrete
  • Water-proofing materials  based on the anion bitumen and bitumen-latex emulsion.

For the companies of Concern «Belneftekhim»

  • Technology of manufacturing ceramic filtering elements for purification of air of production facilities from moisture, oil and dust, for the purification of water from iron, manganese compounds, mechanical impurities (IGIC NAS of Belarus, 2004-2011). Modular stations and installations for purification of water and air (JSC "Belshina", 2010-2016)
  • Reagent for  water-cycle cycles protection  - inhibitor of scale-formation “KIN-1” (JSC “Belwax”)

For Industrial Unitary Enterprise “Paper Mill» of Goznak

  • Compositions for protection of document paper (2008, 2010).

For crop production enterprises:

  • Concentrated liquid micro-fertilizers on the basis of lignosulfonates for foliar fertilizing of plants  -  potato, flax, beets (Republican Unitary Enterprise  «Experimental station on sugar beet” 2010, 2014).

For OJSC "Belmedpreparaty"

  • High-active hydroxyapatite for osteosynthesis

 State Awards

1990 – State award of BSSR for the development and implementation of technology of production of potassium fertilizers with improved physical and agro-chemical properties,

2008 – State award of the Republic of Belarus for the development and implementation of resource-saving technologies of mining and processing potassium ores on RUE “PA “Belaruskali”, that increase the competitiveness of potassium fertilizers on the world market”

1991 – Award of USSR Government for the development and implementation of technology of glass-enamel coating of steel pipes