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Chelated fertilizer is the best form of delivery and distribution of micro-fertilizer at foliar feeding. Chelated micro-fertilizers on the basis of lignosulfonate - natural product that is obtained at processing of wood to cellulose has humus-forming effect on soil and can be growth stimulator and powerful inhibitor of pathogenic microflora.

Main advantages of liquid chelated fertilizers on the basis of lignosulfonates compared to synthetic ones based on EDTA, OEDF and etc. re in high concentration of acting substances in the unit of preparative form, absence of phytotoxicity in relation to soil biota, human and mammals due to similarity of chemical nature of lignosulfonates.  



technical specifications TS RB 100029049.002-2001,  state registration 11-05-0015 from 29.12.2005.

Contents: zinc 4%, copper 0,5%, boron 0,1%.
Has high anti-chlorine efficacy.

Microfertilizer for foliar cultivation of flax and other plants

technical specifications TS BY 100029049.073-2009, state registration 11-05-0036 from 30.12.2009.
Contents: zinc 75 g/l. The fertilizer has high antichlorine efficacy.
It is recommended to be used together with “Polibor” fertilizer.


Microfertilizer for foliar cultivation of flax 
Features: the fertilizer is balanced on contents and ratio of components in preparative form taking into account physiological needs of the plant  
Advantages: increasing plant survival on 4,1 %, yield of seeds – 2.1 centners/hectare (c/ha), total fiber – 3.3 c/ha, yield of seeds - 2,1 c/ha,
total fiber - 3,3 c/ha, long fiber - 2,3 c/ha, quality of the fiber – by one unit


«Polikom-Svekla», brands «Polikom-Svekla 1» and «Polikom-Svekla 2».
Technical specifications TS BY 100029049.063-2008, state certification # 11-05-0015 from 29.12.2009.

Contents: manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, molybdenum.
It is recommended be used jointly with “Polibor” fertilizer.


technical specifications TS BY 100029049.091-2013

Complex of microelements in chelated form, g/l:
manganese 26,7 ± 6,7; copper 25,0 ± 6,32; cobalt 1,33 ± 0,33;
molybdenum 1,67 ± 0,42; magnesium 6,30 ± 1,58


technical specifications TS BY 100029049.064-2008, State registration  11-05-0033 from 27.12.2008 with updates 1,2 02.12.2013

Boron content 151 g/l.

Technical and economic advantages. 

Acting substances: all cations in chelated form.
Preparative form: water concentrate.
Class of hazard: 4 (little-hazard chemical substances).
Absence of phyto- and pesticide toxicity in relation to soil biota, human and mammals.

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Field of use. Plant growing of open and closed ground

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Proposed forms of development.  Sell of a license, joint development of the materials for the use on specific agricultural plants  

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