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Olga N.Opanasenko, Head of Laboratory of Chemistry of Road-Construction Materials, Doctor of Sciense (Chemistry), 

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Technical and economical advantages:
Waterproofing anionic bitumen and bitumen-latex emulsions can be used as:
- primer for concrete surface,
- waterproof material,
- raw material for waterproofing mastics and roofing tars.

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Waterproof materials have following advantages in comparison with traditional technologies:
- environmental safety – there aren’t organic solvents;
- economically sound – increasing the coating life cycle with good performance characteristics and saving in material resources;
- good workability and productivity of coating apply;
- improve hygiene and sanitary conditions of work.

Technical characteristics

-   Increase water impermeability grade of concrete from W4 to W10;
-   Adhesion to concrete surface, MPa – 0.4-0.9;
-   Flexibility of film on a bar with 5 mm radius at temperature minus 30°C;
-   Relative elongation at stretching, % – from 600 to 1500;
-   Thermal-resistance, °C – above 100.
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Innovation aspects
Anionic bitumen and bitumen-latex emulsion receipts

Present developmental stage
Production techniques, material ready for usage

Fields of technology application. Industrial, civil engineering and road-building

Practical experience
The technological manufacturing procedure was worked up. Test batch (5 t) was produced, and experimental-industrial
and full-scale tests at the projects of Minsk city were carried out.

Proposed form of cooperation. R&D contract for technology transfer

Support at technology transfer. Staff service

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