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Are produced at the own pilot plant according to technical specifications TS RB 100029049.026-2004 with updates 2 1.12.2015.

Contact person

Valentina V. Komar,   +375 (17)   332-15-53,   kvv@igic.bas-net.by  


Technical description

Epoxy and epoxy-polyether powder coatings for the formation of anti-corrosion , chemically stable electro-insulation coatings on different surfaces (metal pressed cardboard,
products of radio- and electro-technical industry, where, according to technical features, high temperatures are not allowed.
They can be used as primer-layer in atmospheric anti-corrosion double-layer systems with finished coating from polyether paints.


Technical advantages

Gloss (under 60 degree angle) (ISO 2813), units 10-90

Adhesion (GOST 31149, ISO 2409) 

Flexibility  ISO 860(cylinder  mandrel), no more than 2-4 mm

Impact  resistance, sm

(GOST 4765) 

not les 100

«Buchholz »-hardness (ISO 2815), conditional units


not les 100

Erichsen Cupping  test

 (GOST 29309, ISO 1520)

7-12 mm

Economical advantages

  •  Low temperature of the formation of coatings (120 – 160° for epoxy and epoxy-polyether paints), decrease of energy-consumption at coatings production;
  •  High- physical-mechanical properties;
  •  High resistance to corrosion, high stability of strength properties at exposure of coatings to aggressive media;
  •  Predictable service life of coatings (more than 15 years), at the exploitation of products in the media with high corrosion categories  4-5-1 (ISO 12944-2). 
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