9/1 Surganov Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
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Department of Mineral Fertilizers
Department of Composite Materials
Laboratory of surfactant and Physico-Chemical Research Methods
Laboratory of Polymer-Containing Disperse Systems
Department of Protective Materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Protective Materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Research laboratories
Laboratory of Adsorbents and Adsorptive Processes
Laboratory of Chemistry of Coating and Binding Materials
Informative, Analytic and Patent Department


Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry National Academy of Sciences
was founded on January 1, 1959.


There are 3 Departments which include 7 laboratories and
there are 3  laboratories in the Insitute.

The Institute personnel include 110 persons, including 39 Doctors of Science 

Post-graduate training is conducted by specialty

02.00.04- Physical chemistry

02.00.11- Colloid chemistry 






Director –  Anatoly I. KULAK
Doctors of Science (Chemistry), Professor

Tel. (+375 17) 284 17 23
E-mail: kulak@igic.bas-net.by



Deputy Director for Science and Innovation

 Ludmila V. OVSEENKO, 
Doctor of Science (Chemistry)

Tel. (+375 17) 281 63 23 



Deputy Director for Science and Innovation  

Doctor of Engineering

Tel. (+375 17) 284 25 06