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9/1 Surganov Street, Minsk BY-220072, Republic of Belarus
Tel: (+375) 17 332 16 40
Department of Mineral Fertilizers
Department of Composite Materials
Laboratory of petroleum and organo-mineral dispersions
Laboratory of polymer-containing disperse systems
Laboratory of magnesium salts
Department of Special materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Laboratory of Protective Materials, Photochemistry and Electrochemistry
Department of Colloidal Chemistry of Lyophobic Systems
Laboratory of pigmented and binding material
Laboratory of chemistry of coating materials
Laboratory of Adsorbens and Adsorbtive processes
Laboratory of physicochemical research



Head of Laboratory – Olga N. Opanasenko,

Doctor of Sciense (Chemistry),
Ass.Prof., Personal Member of World Road Association (PIARC)

Tel. (+375 17) 284 20 35, e-mail:

Founded in 2004.

Laboratory of oil and organic-mineral salts corresponds to criteria of The System of Accreditation of The Republic of Belarus
and it is accredited on the compliance to the demands of STB ISO/IEC 17025 (Reg.N: BY/112 of November 15th, 2004)
on the independence and technical competence in accomplishment fundamental and applied researches, test works and control of quality
of chemical reagents and materials on the basis of surfactants, polymers, bitumen, bitumen emulsions, oil products and mineral materials.

Main research activities of Laboratory

Fundamental researches:

Development colloid-chemical foundations of stable regulation of interphase interactions, processes of structure formation and colloid stability
of oil and mineral disperse systems.

Applied researches:

Development of new composite materials with special characteristics on the basis of heavy oil hydrocarbons, surfactants of various structure
and its compositions, polymers and nature mineral raw materials.


▲    technology of production bitumen, bitumen-latex and bitumen-polymer emulsions for road and civil construction;
▲    technology of pavement surface treatment with the use of cationic bitumen emulsions and crushed stone;
▲    technology of production and application of grave-emulsion mixtures for arrangement of road pavements with the use of sand-gravel mixtures;
▲    technology of production and usage of cold storage emulsion-mineral mixtures for patch repair;
▲    technology of arrangement protective layers of road pavement from road concrete cold mixtures (slurry-seal type and microsurfacings);
▲    technology of production cold storage mixtures for repairing of asphalt pavement (analogue of Canadian cold mixtures);


Materials and chemical reagents:

▲    effective emulsifiers for production of emulsions, including cationic and anionic bitumen, bitumen-latex, bitumen-polymer and waterfuel emulsions;
▲    composite chemical admixtures for modifying bitumens, which allows increasing strength, creep stability, cracking- and water resistance of road pavements;
▲    emulsions bitumen anionic for waterproofing of concrete surfaces, including with accelerate forming of bitumen film type “liquid rubber”;
▲    receipts of bitumen emulsions and emulsion-mineral mixtures, customized to the standards of road-construction technologies, applying raw  
and materials, weather-climatic conditions of works.